Denise Hamilton Hatch, founder of Yoga Sports Performance, is committed to aligning her clients to their passion and full brilliance, so they can put it to work to create a better world by living a more purposeful, joyful, and healthy life.

Denise HatchMy work is to help you tap your genious so you can accomplish your goals, your purpose, and success beyond what you may even dream possible.

How? By unlocking your greatest potential, extracting what impedes you and replacing defeating patterns and behaviors with consistant thoughts and beliefs that keep you on track with total conviction.
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Why Yoga? There is a science to accessing the deeper parts of the mind to change unwanted behaviors and patterns quickly. I use yoga as one of the vehicles to do this work. Yoga is a path to Self. To know yourself and trust yourself. It’s a way to feel good and build power. The asana (postures) are just one limb of yoga, there are several more including breath work, mantra – (your conscious or unconscious words or thoughts) and more.

Getting and staying at the top of your game, sport, business and life, requires concentrated power. I use cutting edge neuroscience which makes fast changes in the mind that science now confirms. I am currently working with MLB, NFL, Motor-sports, golfers and professionals who don’t fit into the conventional system and desire to co-create a more vibrant, less stressful, fuller way of life, and through that a better world.
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Yoga Sports PerformanceYoga Sports Performance™ (YSP™) presents a comprehensive teacher training focusing on Yoga, Yoga Therapeutics, Rehab Techniques, and Mental Focus Conditioning. The YSP program gives you the tools to work with elite athletes, sports teams and individuals both physically and mentally with ongoing business development.

Denise Hatch and Katherine Roberts are nationally and internationally recognized in the fields of yoga and sports performance.

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